Deliver Coaching, Courses, Book Chapters, and Inspiration with an Online Subscription Product

Monthly subscription products surround us: Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime, DropBox, iCloud, Dollar Shave Club…the list is endless.

Did you spot one of your own subscriptions on that list?

I spotted six of my own!

what-is-amazon-primeWe pay for these services because they provide us with value, enjoyment, and convenience. So why aren’t more of us also participating in this powerful and profitable communication model?

If you’re in a digital business of any kind and you’re not producing a premium subscription product, chances are that you’re missing out on an opportunity for recurring revenue and a new customer base.

There is an application for this for just about any type of business:

  • Authors can release serial chapters to their readers
  • Consultants and coaches can drip online sessions to their clients
  • Online businesses can distribute premium materials
  • Chefs can provide recipes and tips for culinary aspirants
  • Guitar teachers can drip videos on chord progressions and techniques
  • Construction schedules can send training updates in P6 to students
  • Retail store owners can provide an advance notification club for upcoming sales and promotions and link it private shopping hours
  • I could go on and on…

Nearly every field of endeavor can establish and distribute a simple email subscription product. It doesn’t take much thought to understand the powerful revenue generation potential for such a product.

The bedrock principle comes down to the following simple formula:

833p x 25d x 12m = $249,900

The explanation and application of this formula are contained in my training manual available here. To fully understand the formula and its application, click the link to learn about this power resource.

The power of the subscription model is waiting for you.

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