If You’re Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss, This Guide Can Help

I recall with vivid clarity the day I was let go from my ‘safe’ corporate job


Isn’t it time you stopped working so hard on your boss’s dreams?

It was a Friday morning in 2013 (Friday the13th, in fact) when I was told that my job had been eliminated. Just like that, I was gone.

It might’ve been the worst morning of my life… but it wasn’t.

Why wasn’t I devastated knowing I was as single parent with a teenage son to support? 

Because I was prepared.  For a few months I’d been reading materials like Online Rockstar and reading blogs (like this one) preparing for the one day that I’d launch my own online business.

Although I didn’t know it would be that day, all my preparation paid off. I was prepared to immediately launch my digital business and today, four years later, I’m still making my living online and so can you if you start now.

I also learned a powerful lesson that day and it was this:

No corporate job is safe. In the end, you are expendable as the next person.

That’s why I’d been learning about online business for months prior to being laid off. I realized that the only way I was going to have control over my life and my income was the do it on my own terms. 

But you already understand this…

  • You know the gut-wrenching torture of working for bosses that are clueless to what really happens in the trenches. 
  • You know what it’s like to feel stuck in a job that’s going nowhere fast.
  • You know what it’s like to attend meetings that drone on for hours and accomplish nothing.
  • You know what it’s like to be told when to work, what to work on, all the while making other people rich.
  • You know how much happier and fulfilled you’d be if you could only escape from the cubicle farm that passes for a ‘safe job’ inside the heartless corporate machine.

After launching my business and working it for a couple of years, I created a blueprint.

I created a blueprint for going from being an undervalued and frustrated corporate cast-off to a confident entrepreneur in control of my own destiny.”

I Want You To Have My Blueprint

Because I’d dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about online business models before was laid off, I had a blueprint for what to do, how to do it, and when. I gathered all my notes, all my materials, and condensed the tested knowledge, confidence, and systems into this book.

My experience is proof that knowledge, confidence, and systems can make the difference. But I’m not alone…thousands of people are working online businesses every day because they got tired of the corporate world taking a crap on them for decades.

I Want You To Experience the Same

I want to save you hundreds of hours of research time and give you the essential information you need to start a business, attract a loyal fan base, and create income streams that aren’t dependent on the whim of some misguided Senior VP.

Online Rockstar is Your Guidebook & Blueprint for the Next Chapter of Your Career

I wrote Online Rockstar in a light, Rock-n-Roll themed style. Since I grew up with such rock legends as The Beatles, The Stones, and Led Zeppelin, it seemed a fun way to present this new form of entrepreneurial business. 

Part One: Releasing Your First Single

Part One contains Lessons 1-3 and are dedicated to getting you up to speed on the basics of bringing a product to your adoring fans.   Some of the topics in Part One include:

  • How an online business works
  • How you find an audience
  • How you get paid
  • How to get the best start possible
  • How to define your unshakeable center
  • How to package, write, and sell a book/video/film, etc. online
  • How to create an awesome title and subtitle for your product or service
  • How to create soft covers for your website or blog
  • How to get your own blog

Part Two: Attracting Your Fan Base

Part Two gets into the nitty-gritty of attracting fans to your website, where to find them, and how to entice them to join your band of merry pranksters….(a reference for the 50+ crowd). Included in Part Two are the following topics:

  • How to attract your first 1,000 fans
  • How to do before you can attract fans
  • How to create a guest posting strategy
  • How to use social media for creating fame
  • How to forge relationships with other bloggers and creators
  • How to make certain you use the 6 principles of rockstar blogging
  • How to master the powerful giving factor
  • How to use The Bikini Principle to your advantage
  • How to keep customers coming back and buy more
  • How to harness to power of the email list
  • How to choose the best email list processor
  • How to ensure the two most important factors in sales are supported
  • How to build trust using your blog
  • How to get started using video as a trust agent
  • How to create a Yes-Yes Matrix

Part Three: Rockin’ the Stadium

Now we’re talking’… Rocking in a stadium is what the mega-bands like Elton John, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones did…why should your Rockstar Business be any different.

In Part Three you’ll learn all about how to take your show to the next level with topics such as:

  • How an online business rally works..the nuts and bolts
  • How you find an audience that’s eager to hear from you
  • How you structure your business with The Holy Trinity of Rockstar businesses
  • How to get use the Trinity to generate massive revenue via diversification
  • How to build a distribution chain like a rockstar
  • How to catapult your blog’s reputation
  • How to capture new converts to your Rockstar Business Religion
  • How to create a Rockstar Business that mimics Apple Computer, Harley-Davidson, and Elvis Presley Enterprises
  • How to get your dedicated fans to take your gospel far and wide
  • How to go beyond a good income and skyrocket revenues with a membership program

The Boss!

Baby, You Were Born to Run…..

But maybe you have a few questions? Let’s see if we can answer some of them here:

Do I have to be over 50 to buy this? No, not at all….whippersnappers are welcome, too! It’s for anyone who’s got the motivation to learn about starting their own online business and do it right!

Do I need to be a writer, like you? No, but it helps if you can communicated clearly and directly and aren’t afraid of sitting at your computer for hours getting your message right.

All this sounds way too technical for me..is it? Welcome to the 21st Century! We love in a world of technical gadgets and innovation. If you have a smartphone, you’re already doing things that are much more complicated and technical. Technology is so easy these days that it’s no longer a valid excuse not to be in business.

What if I still have questions? One of the worst things and author like me can do, in my opinion, is write a book and then walk away…leaving you to do something on your own without guidance. Included in the Rockstar Package is online access to me in a private Facebook group where you can pick my brain until the cows come home (do cows actually come home?)…anyway…. It’s kind of like having a consultant on-call.

I want you to succeed and I’ll do what I can to help you get there.

Why Rockstar Businesses Succeed

There’s a little-known secrets to why rockstar businesses succeed in ways that others can’t.

Companies like Apple Computer, Harley-Davidson, and The Virgin Group aren’t like normal businesses. Each of these firms is unique and their customers are as loyal as a patriot on a national holiday.

They’re evangelistic when it comes to spreading the word about how much they love these companies, their products. And, perhaps even better, they keep coming back to spend more money.

Isn’t that the kind of business you want to create, build, and sustain? It’s possible if you follow the principles set out in Online Rockstar. But you have to act if you want to build something as unique as Apple, Virgin, or Harley-Davidson!

That’s what Online Rockstar does for you…it gives you…

The Motivation to Rock the House

You and I both know that nothing gets done unless we’re motivated to change. It’s often said that “we only change when the pain of not changing is too great to bear.”  Online Rockstar will give you that motivation. There is no chance that it won’t…it’s that good.

The Online Rockstar eBook

OK, let’s see exactly what you’ll get when you decide that you want to become an Online Rockstar….because there is much more than just a book included here.

  • The Roadie Package comes with the 120 page PDF eBook that you can print out or read online. If you print it out, you can spiral or comb bind it at Staples or Kinkos, or just print it out double-sided and place in a 3-ring binder. That way it lays flat and you can insert notes and ideas and make it truly a uniquely valuable resource for your Rockstar Business.

Download Instantly! – $37

More FAQ’s

Can I use my debit card? Yes, debit cards and the major credit cards are accepted.

Do you guarantee my business will succeed? No, obviously I can’t promise that. Business success is possible for anyone willing work hard under the right market conditions, but this is what I can promise….that I’ll help you in any way that’s feasible. 

How will I get the materials? After your payment is honored, you’ll get an email from  the awesome folks at Gumroad (I know, funny name) who process your payment will send you a link to download the eBook.

Is there a guarantee? Absolutely, the Solo Until Your Fingers Bleed Guarantee is for a period of 6 months after you purchase the eBook. If you can’t make a go of your online business after putting into practice what I teach you in the eBook, just email me and I’ll refund your money.*

*To prevent tire-kickers looking for a valuable resource for free, the following conditions apply: Refunds are given after you’ve demonstrated with a live website how you’ve implemented the lessons in eBook on your website. If you’ve done what I teach and still haven’t made a sale or attracted a single fan, the refund and the eBook are yours free.

Download Instantly! – $37

P.S. There is life after corporate and it’s awesome

You’re going to succeed. If you purchase the Rockstar Package, I’ll be continually available to answer questions, even hop online for a video chat if necessary, to help you over each perceived barrier.

But guess, what…there are no barriers! I’m absolutely convinced that the only barriers in our way are those we make up inside our heads.

Nothing…and I mean nothing…is as scary or threatening as we imagine it will be.

All things are possible to those who persevere.  That’s how I roll. Are you in?

Download Instantly! – $37

If you’ve still got questions, please use this form to ask me. I’ll get back to you personally with an answer.


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