Subscription Launch Secrets – My Group Coaching Program

Here’s it is, the group coaching program that will help you package your existing knowledge into a shareable and profitable resource!


Subscription Launch Secrets: How to Execute Your Subscription Launch

If you enrolled in my free course, you already understand that using my simple formula could potentially generate tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue for you and your family.

You’re ready to take the next step and turn what you already know, better than most, into the most powerful side hustle or full-time business possible.

But first, let’s review some facts…

  • you’re not earning as much as you’d like
  • you definitely want to generate more money
  • you have limited time available 
  • you don’t want to learn a new career
  • you’re uncertain if there is something you know that others would pay to learn
  • you don’t want to quit university or risk your family’s welfare
  • you’re not sure how to turn what you already know into something desirable to others

At first glance, these seem like irritating problems; big, hairy, stressful problems that you wish you didn’t have.  But just maybe… they represent the opportunity you’ve been searching for all along.

An extra $5,000 – $10,000 a month would be nice, right? 

For a lot of people, that’s a full-time income! But I’m of the opinion that you can make much more than that with the training included in this coaching program.

So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all the following were true right now:

(I know it’s not right-this-second, but just go with it)

  • you have a flexible system for generating revenue
  • you don’t have to leave your day job if you don’t want to
  • you don’t have to quit school
  • you don’t have to put in a million hours each week
  • you don’t have to learn a new career
  • you know how to package your knowledge into a shareable resource and charge $25/month for it

That would be great, right? It would be exactly what you’re looking for – a way to generate and additional few thousands (or more) each month.

All sessions taught by Baz

That’s exactly what I’ve put together for you in my Subscription Launch Secrets coaching program

  • A six-week email course that includes the comprehensive process for discovering and packaging your specific knowledge and skills into a shareable, profitable resource
  • Twice weekly lessons with action steps to take to keep you moving forward
  • 14 individual PDFs of each lesson suitable for printing and collating into a notebook so you have them to refer to in the future
  • 14 videos that include instructions, motivational talks, and answers to questions that arise
  • Group coaching calls for you have access to me to ask questions and get feedback from me on your progress
  • A private Facebook Group to use as a forum for the course as a way of interacting with other participants

These folks understood the power of the Subscription Mastermind model…

Jill, was a pastry chef turned stay at home mom who had some specific knowledge but no experience sharing it with anyone. When she started, she had a foodie Instagram account and absolutely no interest in learning a new career. Jill learned what I’m about to offer you and turned her need into a real, revenue-generating side hustle that brings in over $1,800 each month and all with two small kids at home.

Yaro was a proofreader and blogger who built a million dollar online business selling digital products and services to individuals like me. He started out small until his online business eventually became a full-time undertaking. He now travels the world and maintains his business via a team of support staff. Yaro’s Blog Mastermind course was one of the first digital products on blogging I ever purchased.

Ash is a sassy, sexy, potty-mouthed blogger and extraordinary copywriter who’s built a seven-figure business online simply by packaging what she knows the getting really creative about selling it. I’ve purchased several of her books and courses over the years. Her most current program is a subscription program, too. 

Right about now you might be thinking…

“Now wait a minute, this isn’t possible!” Wow, with a mindset like that, you’re right. It wouldn’t be possible with that mindset in a million years. But for those with a mindset of possibility and a willingness to invest in themselves, it’s not only possible but probable. Go back and read the core articles again. Besides, there are literally hundreds of thousands of subscription and membership programs in operation right now. Try a Google search for membership programs and you’ll understand. These programs exist because they’re profitable. Why should you be on the outside looking in? 

“I don’t know anything that someone else would pay to learn.” I doubt that. That’s your reactive inner critic talking. The truth is that you, and everyone in the modern world, has a set of skills or specific knowledge that they could turn into a shareable message. Jill did it. I’m doing it. Yaro, one of my blogging mentors, is doing it full time. A lot of people started out with a side hustle while working a full-time job only to see the side hustle blossom into a full-time income. Please go back and read the core articles to see what’s possible. 

Here’s a Breakdown of the Six Modules:

Module One: Subscription Mastermind Mechanics

Lesson 1: How Your Subscription Program Can Dramatically Change Your Life & Email List Growth Strategies

Lesson 2: How to Set Up Your Email List & How To Interact With Your List to Build Trust and Authority

Module Two: Defining Your Message

Lesson 3: The Right Message: Uncovering Your Specific Knowledge and/or Skill Set  

Lesson 4: Constructing & Packaging the Story Behind Your Knowledge and/or Skill Set

COACHING CALL – A toll-free conference call with Baz

Module Three: Defining Your Audience

Lesson 5: Traffic Strategies: Defining Your Audience Profile & How to Reach Out To and Attract Your Audience

Lesson 6:  Creating Raving Fans: How To Create Life-long Customers by Caring, Guiding, and Protecting Your Audience

Module Four: Defining Your Medium

Lesson 7: Email / Audio/ Video: Choosing Your Medium 

Lesson 8: Using Your Platform to Build Credibility, Increase Visibility, and Attract More Subscribers

COACHING CALL – A toll-free conference call with Baz

Module Five: Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

Lesson 9: ‘Writing Down the Bones’ of Your Offer & Crafting the Journey of Transformation Your Offer Creates

Lesson 10: How to Create Case Studies (even if you don’t have any customers yet) & Turning On the Money Flow (Payment Options)

Module Six: Launch Planning and Execution

Lesson 11: Launch, Part I – The Overview of a Successful Launch & The Pre-Launch Checklist

Lesson 12:  Launch, Part II – The Launch Pad – Creating a Dynamic Prelaunch Environment that Grows Anticipation and Frenzy

Lesson 13: Launch, Part III – The Final Countdown & Liftoff

COACHING CALL – A toll-free conference call with Baz

Bonus Module / Bonus Call: Wrapping It Up

Lesson 14: Splashdown: The Launch is Over, Now What? or What to Do After Your Launch & The Critical Next Steps on Your Journey

COACHING CALL – A toll-free conference call with Baz

Who’s a candidate for this coaching program?

Subscription Launch Secrets is for you if you’re a motivated individual who knows, somewhere deep inside, that you have something offer the rest of the world. 

You might not know exactly what your message is yet, but because of your life’s journey thus far, you’ve got knowledge and experience to share.

You’re right for my coaching program if:

  • You want a side hustle that can reliably bring in money each week with a minimal time investment
  • You enjoy sharing your experiences and knowledge in social settings
  • You’ve been thinking of starting an online business
  • You can communicate with people and identify with their struggles
  • Have a story to tell based on your life’s journey or experiences

It’s everything readers asked me for and more…

When I first wrote the core articles exploring these topics, the response was very enthusiastic and the comments and suggestions I received helped shape this program to include the detail and depth for areas of mystery including, list building, customer care, defining and packaging your knowledge, etc. 

A New Coaching Group is Forming Now

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But don’t wait! You don’t want to be left behind.